Helping Hands Program

Raise Your Hand!

Clearista’s Covid-19 Helping Hands Program

When you buy Clearista Retexturizing Gel:

  • 5% will go toward fighting COVID-19.
  • 5% will be discounted to you.
  • 20% will go to the local spa, aesthetician or skincare professional who referred you.

Clearista is committed to lending a helping hand in every way we can.  Clearista Retexturizing Gel is designed to soften and smooth your skin, including hands that are damaged by repeated washing and disinfecting. Our patented formula gently softens the outer layers of your skin.

To show our thanks and support, we are discounting products by 5% using promo code CLEARISTA.  If a skincare professional referred you, please be sure to identify their business name and email in the “Special Instructions” of your shopping cart.  If so, they will receive 20% of your purchase price.  It will go toward helping spas and skincare professionals get through this difficult time.

5% of your purchase will also go to the Centers For Disease Control Foundation's Emergency Response Fund for COVID-19 to help them provide treatment and prevention programs.

So, raise your hand!  Help yourself, help your skincare professional and help the world.  And thank you from Clearista!

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