"My face felt soft..."

"My face felt soft and like it wasn't sagging... It's giving me results I thought I could never get with any type of product."

"Go for it..."

“The [Professional] Clearista procedure was a great eye-opener for me. The process was so easy, so gentle, and so painless, and the healing process was so much faster. If I had a friend that had an SK, I would tell them, ‘Go for it.’ If your dermatologist offers you a procedure with Clearista it is by far–by far–the best way to go. It’s number one in my book.”

"I'm really happy..."

"It's become part of my routine. My arms are really smooth and I'm really happy with what I'm seeing. I'm to the point where I can count how many bumps are on my arms now."

"It was a very quick procedure.."

“It was a very quick procedure [with the Professional Refining Pen™]. I would definitely do it again because I’ve been very pleased with the results.”