Better Science. Better Skin.


Our patented formula was first developed by renowned scientists and award winning doctors Russ Lebovitz (Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara) Samir Mitragotri (Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara) and Robert Langer (Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT), who worked with non-invasive diagnostic technologies to help improve cancer research. Their formulations were made to safely and effectively extract biomarkers from tissue samples without invasive treatments.
As they continued in their research, they realized the impact of their discoveries on the skin care community. If they could use their newly formulated technology to work on the skin's surface without damaging deeper layers, maybe they could ultimately fuse skincare solutions with science-based research. Eventually, they produced a series of effective and less irritating solutions to gently resurface the skin and improve skin's texture and hydration.
After years of work and clinical trials, their work was shown to effectively aid in the skin’s natural exfoliation process and reduce the appearance of rough patches, skin bumps (e.g. keratosis pilaris), surface blemishes and pigmented surface spots. In 2013, the result of their research became the patented resurfacing solution we now know as Clearista.




Rough, dry or dull skin

Age and sun-related folding/wrinkling

Dark/Brown Spots

 Rough or dry patches, including roughness on the hands or elbows

Rough chicken skin bumps on the face, arms, legs, and backside

Small white, pigmented or flesh-colored bumps on the arms or face

Skin Bumps

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