CLEARISTA Soothing Serum™ (1.0 FL. OZ)

The most amazing serum you will ever experience.  

CLEARISTA Soothing Serum™ is a new, patented replenishing serum.  Gentle, effective and easy to use.  

Discovered by Harvard bio-engineers, this product has a unique formula.  Nothing else works like it.  CLEARISTA Soothing Serum™ softens and removes build-ups and blockages and restores your skin to its younger, more natural condition. 

Get healthy, nourished skin.  

Get rid of dryness, oily patches, flakes, itch and skin damage.  

Our Soothing Serum contains NO retinol, NO hyaluronic acid, NO botox and NO cortisone.  It exceeds ALL of those treatments to safely give you soft, smooth, comfortable skin! 

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